All in God

Desperately Seeking Transcendence

The church, an institution whose existence transcends present history, struggles to offer its members its own chief good: transcendence. The church is not made by men. It was not created by an agency. It has no earthly origin. The church is the brainchild of God. The church has existence for one and only reason: God dreamed it into being.

A High View of God's Glory

The fullness of the Christian life and all that it entails can never be experienced without the jaw-dropping moment in which God’s glory becomes everything to a believer. If you’ve not had such a moment, much is in store for you to experience. It is the most humbling moment of your existence to find that so little is actually

Pastors Who Preach the King

We have heard a good bit in recent decades about “kingly” ministry in evangelical spheres. If your ministry paradigm is “kingly,” then you like leading, making decisions, setting up structures in a broad-strokes kind of way, and trying to apply vision to the future of your church or institution. There is good in this description. But we need to think