All in Church

The Word Did the Work

At Reformanda, we are greatly encouraged by sound churches preaching sound doctrine. The local church is after all the "pillar and buttress" of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15). One congregation we are encouraged by is Grace Harbor in Providence, Rhode Island. The church is led by Kevin McKay, who has seen the Lord turn a once-

The Preacher's Proclamation

An old sermon illustration that makes its way around from time to time goes like this: There was a young preacher who was not lazy, just conceited. He frequently boasted in public that all the time he needed to prepare his “great sermons” was the few short moments it took him to walk from his parsonage, to the church just next door.

Church Planting with Titus

There is no shortage of church planting resources available today. From articles and books, to conferences and trainings, to entire ministries—all devoted to multiplying churches around the globe. In preparing to plant our church, I had gorged myself on every kind of resource I could find, and soon became overwhelmed.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Revival

In 1947, writing a foreword for his friend Philip Hughes, Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote, “There is no subject which is of greater importance to the Christian church at the present time than that of revival. It should be the theme of our constant meditation, preaching and prayers.” He described his daily prayer for revival as “an unusual