Out of the Depths

Our Lord begins his Sermon on the Mount, by pronouncing divine blessing upon his disciples, by using the Beatitude statements as the materials to generate a portrait for us of a true believer, a true disciple, a true follower of Christ. Each Beatitude of Matthew 5 begin with the words “Blessed are.” The Greek term translated “blessed” is

When New England Rejected God

For nearly three hundred years, New England had been a beacon of light to the nations. From the earliest days of the Puritanical devotion of the first settlers, to the heartfelt revival preaching of the Great Awakening, to the evangelistic and missionary zeal of nineteenth century believers, the Northeast had manifested a

Permanent Union

In 2016, I officiated the marriage ceremony of my son, Jake, and his bride, Christa. In one part of the sermon I emphasised the permanent nature of the union. Here's an excerpt... In marriage God is joining one man and one woman together for life, because marriage is God’s design and God's doing just like all of creation is God’s design

When New England Set the World Aflame!

At the dawn of the nineteenth century, Christianity in America was waning and the world sat helplessly in the clutches of The Enlightenment—a radical movement away from faith and religion, towards science, culture, and philosophy. There were many who questioned how Christianity would fare through these years, and hope

When God Awakened a Nation

The Puritan pilgrims that had come over from England had ventured to American shores in attempt to establish “pure” churches. They failed to create “New Jerusalem” but succeeded in creating a society that embraced Christianity. But within two generations of their arrival, zeal for purity in religion and for the law of