Sport Is Good But It Is Not God

In May Liverpool Football Club won the Champions League – soccer’s biggest domestic club trophy. It is worth millions of dollars, and the final game draws huge numbers of viewers - 400 million worldwide to be exact. To put it in perspective the Super Bowl figures amassed under half that amount.

Craving Words from the Fire

As a child, I was taught by my mother to value all speech. That every argument must be weighed, its logic tested, its validity evaluated, and the cogency of its thesis either received, nuanced, or rejected. Human speech is mysteriously and wondrously unique because it is one of the qualities, which we share with God

The Preacher's Proclamation

An old sermon illustration that makes its way around from time to time goes like this: There was a young preacher who was not lazy, just conceited. He frequently boasted in public that all the time he needed to prepare his “great sermons” was the few short moments it took him to walk from his parsonage, to the church just next door.

The Peacemakers

With each passing beatitude in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, it becomes more and more clear that a person cannot be a genuine Christian without have their attitudes and actions completely and radically transformed from the inside out. Regardless the extent of your exegetical gymnastics, there is no possibility