Reformanda exists because the church needs sound doctrine. The name speaks to the core conviction of the Protestant Reformation, that the church must be semper reformanda, "always reforming" itself according to God's Word.

We love the Scripture. We love the truth. We believe the Holy Trinity revealed in the Word is the ground of metaphysics, ontology, and epistemology. We know the human race is lost, desperately lost, in Adam (a real human person). We confess that Jesus Christ, the second Adam, has made a new exodus out of the more evil Egypt by his holy life, perfect sacrifice, and vicarious resurrection. We are part of that Spirit-filled band of captives that the Son of God bought out of slavery to sin by his atoning work, work that satisfied the just wrath of God the Father toward sin. We love the church, universal and local, and believe that we must seek to strengthen her faith and practice in conformity with the Bible. We trust and love the Bible, the whole Bible, two holy Testaments written by one divine author through flesh-and-blood human authors. We are zealous for the spread of the gospel, and the instantiation of the spiritual rule of Christ's kingdom, over all the earth. We believe in evangelism, missions, and discipleship. We think that pastors have the front-line role in the mighty kingdom of Christ, and that they are not called to be life-coaches, mere administrators, self-help purveyors, political activists, or funny storytellers, but are called to be theologians of the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God.

In days ahead, we will champion these and other doctrines. Our focus is not on controversy or on clickbait. Our focus is on the truth. We want to teach the Word. Our goal, quite simply, is to build a sound-doctrine factory one piece of content at a time. This is a theological enterprise grounded in the new covenant theology and hermeneutic found in the book of Hebrews. We are happily credobaptist and seek the doctrinal and spiritual strengthening of this wing of the evangelical movement, even as we joyfully interface with Christians of varying traditions and affiliations.

There are six of us who will provide content. We do not intend, however, only to publish our own material. We have no plan of building a grand edifice, but do wish to offer sound content that will bless and build faith, and so will be very glad to connect with the global church. Our sights are zeroed in on pastors and future pastors; we would love for our audience to include Christians from all walks and backgrounds, but we are aiming primarily (though not always exclusively) at strengthening the faith and practice of those who lead local churches constituted by the blood of Jesus Christ.

The great and chief need of the church today is a fresh vision of Almighty God. In an immanentized culture, where we are tempted to live like human computers, plugged into chiming devices and quicksilver tablets at all times, we believe that transcendence is the order of the day. We are drowning in the temporal at present; the church of Christ needs the eternal, needs to hear about heaven, needs to meditate on the deep things of God, needs hope that goes infinitely beyond quick platitudes and cheerful pieties. We need God-God in all his splendor, his freedom, his holiness, his excellence, his love, and his sovereignty. We cannot hope to do justice to the greatness and goodness of God in the content we publish here, but we intend to try.

So: Reformanda is alive. The game has begun. The website exists, sustained by servers somewhere far, far away (if we told you where, we'd have to punch you in the shoulder). Get ready for more, much more. We are excited; we are praying for good to come of this little venture; we are confident not in ourselves, but in sound doctrine, for it is the very lifeblood of the church that God loves and has created in his Son.